Specialist Leaders of Education

Specialist leaders of education (SLEs) are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools. This ‘outreach’ work typically involves providing other leaders with coaching or facilitation support, to help them develop. SLEs have a specific area of expertise.

To apply for an SLE to support in your school please download the application form and return to Andrea Wright at etsa@tidemillacademy.org.

Please read the profiles of our current SLE's:

David Petty | Area(s) of expertise: Behaviour and Safeguarding


I have been an SLE for the last three years and during that time I have had the privilege of working with schools in Kent and South London. My remit has seen me implement and review policies with senior leadership teams as well as working alongside class teachers to evaluate, model and implement strategies that promote positive behaviour for learning and the highest possible outcomes for pupils. More recently, I have worked closely with partner organisations including our local authority and early help funded by the foreign office to better protect pupils and families from abuse and extremism. The outcomes of such work include community consultations on our Prevent risk assessment and a broader range of family support and signposting at team around the child meetings. This year, our school underwent a rigorous safeguarding audit by the local authority in which we were found to have extremely high levels of compliance. We have achieved this through team work and effective communication including teacher briefings, CPD and inclusion task group meetings. These are strategies I would be only too willing to share in what is a rapidly evolving area of expertise.


Katy Dolling | Area of Expertise: Behaviour and Pastoral Care


About: I have been teaching for 14 years with the majority of time spent in Key stage 1.  I have also taught in early years and key Stage 2.

I have been teaching for 14 years with the majority of time spent in Key stage 1. I have also taught in Early Years and Key Stage 2.

I am currently Assistant Head at Aerodrome Academy where I successfully lead the Key Stage 1 team as well as PSHE and Behaviour. Prior to this, I led the Pastoral team at my previous school, achieving an outstanding judgement from Ofsted.

I work closely with the learning mentor / behaviour TA at school and meet regularly with the whole pastoral team. This is to monitor and address any behaviour and discipline issues, to then enable the school to implement support where necessary. I am able to support with setting up behaviour system and can help support and monitor existing behaviour systems.


Helen Roscoe | Area(s) of Expertise: EYFS


I have been an Early Years teacher and Lead for 14 years – between 2007 and 2013 I was an Early Years Consultant with Suffolk County Council, which included supporting schools and pre-schools, delivering training and performing mock Ofsted inspections. Since returning to the classroom I have been a Key Practitioner with Suffolk County Council and over the last three years I have worked with a number of EYFS Leads from local schools, the focus has varied considerably from working with online Learning Journeys and using them to develop and deepen Parent Partnerships, developing Observation and Assessment techniques and feeding them into planning, to using data to develop an Action Plan for Early Years.

Since joining St Margaret’s I have been developing the EYFS staff through training and support. I introduced a class objectives sheet generated from the half termly data analysis. The objectives are displayed in each class and all members of staff are encouraged to annotate when they have contributed to achieving an objective through an activity, discussion, or direct teaching. Involving all staff has ensured that everyone is now aware of their responsibility for having an impact on the children’s learning. As well as having an impact on outcomes, it has also had an impact on each class’s ‘team’ as they see how valuable their interactions with the children within continuous provision are.

Further to this I introduced a system of a Next Steps sheet with four next steps recorded for each child, vulnerable groups are indicated on the sheet and they are reviewed fortnightly. Each member of staff now has full awareness of what each child is working towards in each area and understands how they can impact on the child’s learning and development. This has again had impact on the support staff in particular, focusing their interactions with the children and their observations of the children. Feedback from support staff has been very positive. Since St Margaret’s joined Reach2 I have been lucky enough to train as an Outstanding Facilitator and, with a colleague, worked with a group of teachers to move them from good to outstanding. I take an active part in regional moderation with Reach2 and I have been a county moderator for Suffolk for 7 years, making moderation visits to schools in our region. I have supported a number of Reach2 schools in my region with the development of Learning environments both indoors and out and with the moderation of judgements. I have recently been a team member on a Rose Review which has given me a clear insight into the Inspection process.

Tanya Irvine | Area(s) of Expertise: PE


PE is my passion as well as my area of expertise. I am a qualified PE teacher, experienced SSCO and led an award winning School Sports Partnership for a number of years.

High Quality PE and school sport (PESS) has the power to transform the lives of every child in your school and national research and my work supporting schools and staff has proven how powerful, effective and important PESS is. High quality PESS impacts across the whole school, driving, improving and increasing attainment, achievement, aspirations and behaviour and developing healthy active children.

National research completed at Hillyfield is showing huge impact across a number of areas (fitness, cognitive abilities, attitude to activity, self-esteem etc). Please contact me in regards to supporting Physical Education in your school, including setting up assessment systems, monitoring and modelling sessions as well as supporting the set-up of PESS in your school.


Kerri-Anne Bannon | Area(s) of Expertise: MFL, teacher to teacher support


I am Currently LKS2 phase leader and MFL teacher, teaching across KS2. I have experience delivering whole school and bespoke CPD to address a variety of learning strategies. In addition, I have led Philosophy for Children across the school and am an experienced mentor, to both NQTs and experienced teachers alike. I can offer support with general Teaching and Learning strategies or in delivering MFL in the classroom, as well as how to adapt MFL teaching for SEN provision.




Lindsey Crerie | Area(s) of Expertise: EYFS


I have worked in Kent for 7 years as a Primary School teacher, I began my career in KS2 where I thoroughly enjoyed teaching Year 4; I have spent the last 5 Years teaching and began my leadership career in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in a Reception class. During this time my practice has been recognised as an outstanding leader. In light of this, I have worked alongside a competent Senior Leadership Team (SLT) on a journey of whole school improvement. I have been involved in the strategic planning and implementation of the schools development plan in order to drive progress and improve attainment. In my current post I am teaching at Copperfield Academy, in addition to this I am a member of the SLT with a responsibility and a passion for Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Phonics. In 2014 I received a Masters in Education with Distinction, I focused on the impact learning in the outdoor area has on cognitive, social and physical abilities in the Foundation Stage. In the last two years, I have developed CPD and support packages for a range of colleagues, from trainee/unqualified teachers to experienced leaders within my own school; I have coached and mentored colleagues to improve and challenge their approach to teaching. I am able to offer support for Early Years leaders and teachers; I have experience of:

  • Building a team as a leader.
  • Coaching and mentoring staff members and individuals to improve daily practice.
  • Analysing data so that it can be used to influence and inform daily teaching.
  • Developing a relationships with parents.
  • Transition to and from the Foundation Stage.
  • Support with planning -engaging and enriching provision for pupils.


Amy Herbert | Area(s) of Expertise: SEN


Currently I am the SENCO at Tidemill Academy and I also work as an SEN SLE. I can support schools with setting up systems such as provision mapping, data analysis, tracking and pupil progress.

I can also support schools with more specific aspects of SEN for example supporting groups/children through interventions and 1:1 support. I have also supported schools with applying for EHCP’S and advising on referrals. I can advise on specific support and interventions for children who need more tailored approach for example ASD.




Sarah Wallace | Area(s) of Expertise: English, teacher to teacher support


I am currently Deputy Head teacher responsible for Teaching and Learning. I have experience carrying out Rose Reviews and Teaching and Learning Reviews in the Reach2 Trust (lesson observations, work scrutiny, talking to pupils, interviewing subject leaders) and have been English subject leader for 7 years in 2 different schools. This has also included leading a team. A particular focus of mine has been to improve the quality of guided reading in KS2 (planning, recording, teaching, organisation). I have also led whole school initiatives including delivering staff training and monitoring the impact of the initiative (e.g. response marking, using creative and engaging picture books to plan a series of lessons). I plan and deliver an NQT programme for the cluster in Reach2 as well as performing the role of PCM for Schools Direct trainee teachers (observing, setting targets, working with class mentors to deliver support)

I can offer teacher to teacher support across a range of areas.


Katie Barrett | Area(s) of Expertise: Science


I am a Science Leader and have held this position for the last 5 years. This role has enabled me to lead two schools through the process of applying for the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM). Both schools were proud to achieve the Silver level award, recognising and celebrating the commitment of both schools to delivering high quality Science to their children. In recognition of my success in achieving the PSQM award, I was asked by a lead primary consultant to assist in delivering the PSQM programme for the subsequent cohort in Croydon. I delivered bespoke CPD on a range of topics, including scientific enquiry, assessment and innovative teaching strategies; all schools in the programme were successful in achieving the award. I can offer support to develop Science teaching and Leadership.




Kate Savage | Area(s) of Expertise: English


I have been teaching in the UK for the past 6 years and during this time, have taught across both KS1 and KS2. I am currently the Key Stage 1 phase leader and English lead at Water Lane Primary Academy. Over the past two years, I have been working as a ‘Teaching and Learning Mentor’ with the team at our sister school. As a part of this role I provide support and advice to my colleagues. I have been heavily involved with monitoring, coaching and guiding both the teachers and subject leaders and have seen excellent results, with all staff now being observed as ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.
I have a passion and a strength in English which allows me to foster growth and progress across the subject. An in-depth subject knowledge has allowed me to develop tools and resources for specific needs and I have many ideas to raise both attainment and interest in Reading and Writing. With my ability to build strong rapport and gain the trust of my colleagues, I am able to identify targets and offer support and strategies to achieve these. I aim to raise moral, confidence and ability in teaching practice.



How can I become SLE?

To become an SLE, you need to be an outstanding middle or senior school leader with a particular area of expertise. You must have the capacity, skills and commitment to support others in similar positions in other schools. Your own Headteacher must be happy for you to undertake outreach work.

If you are interested in finding out more about the role of an SLE please visit the DfE website or, if you would like to know what areas the Endeavour Teaching School Alliance will be recruiting for next, please email Andrea Wright at etsa@tidemillacademy.org

Outstanding teachers

If the support you are looking for is not covered by our SLE at the moment, you may wish to contact us to discuss commissioning other support. We have an array of outstanding teachers in a vareity of areas across the alliance and if you would like support please contact Andrea Wright at Endeavour teaching school on 0208 692 3470 or etsa@tidemillacademy.org.

National Leaders of Education (NLEs)

NLEs are outstanding Headteachers or principals designated by the National College. Together with staff in their schools (designated National Support Schools), they use their skills and experience to support schools requiring assistance. In addition to leading their own schools, NLEs may work to increase the leadership capacity of other schools to help raise standards.

If you are interested in support from an NLE please contact the Endeavour teaching school.