About this training:

At Aerodrome Academy teachers take part in Lesson Study annually. This effective joint professional development is highly focussed on listening to pupil voice and acting on it.

It often begins with a question or an area to explore which is shared across the school, but then it is up to individual year groups or phases to decide what they would like to find out themselves. There is an overall structure to guide the process and to ensure reflection as well as pupil voice leading change.

In previous years a shared question has been: How does pupil involvement in their own learning impact on progress and attitude to learning? Children’s views included: ‘I like role-playing because we could act and use our voices’ and ‘I enjoyed the way we get to pick the way we learn. We don’t get forced into doing it a way we don’t want to; we get a choice.’

This led to the school making a series of commitments to act upon pupil voice. In EYFS and KS1, regular, well-resourced and planned small-world and role-play activities were developed. In KS2, rotation teaching was introduced to maximise independence and quality of learning. The impact of these commitments is evident now as regular embedded practice.

Because all staff from the Headship team to NQTs take part, there is shared leadership and staff feel they have ownership of their own development. This in turn leads to sustained changes in practice.

If you would like support in developing Lesson Study in your school, get in touch with us at and we would be happy to support your programme development.